City of Las Vegas Museum & Rough Rider Memorial Collection.


The City of Las Vegas Museum and Rough Rider Memorial Collection opened in 1961 as a unit of the City of Las Vegas. The Museum is housed in the historic Municipal Building, a 1940 Works Progress Administration project. The museum collection includes over 7,000 items relating to the heritage of the Las Vegas area. Many items may be viewed through our on-line collection catalog. The Museum offers educational opportunities through classroom visits and activities. Entertaining and informative programs for all ages are offered throughout the year.

Eleven-sees at the Museum
March 1 and 29, 2014 at 11am at the Museum

This month the City Museum welcomes two Biology Researchers to presetn on their work at Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge. These are two presentations you do not want to miss!


For more information please call 505-426-3205